1. Monochromatic
Wearing the same color or tint on your eyes, lips and cheeks creates a beautifully cohesive look and, better yet, simplifies the getting-ready process. Try it with the season's hot colors—mauve, brown or berry pink.

2. Warm Metallics
Taking the popular jewelry color to makeup, rose gold makes a shimmering statement as a blended eye style. Layer gold, bronze, bright pinks or sparkly silvers until you reach the desired intensity.

3. Pop of Color
An unexpectedly bright eyeshadow or liner is a fun way to add color to your look. Play around with a simple line of vibrant color—or for a bolder statement, go with a geometric shape.

4. Bold Lashes
Move aside, bare lower lashes. For the new doll-like look, you'll want to take the mascara wand to both top and bottom. To keep it low-key, swipe a quick coat on the bottom lashes. Or add definition by clumping lashes together Twiggy-style. (Pro tip: Mascara specifically made for the lower lashes, a slim brush with short bristles, helps make coating effortless.)

5. Ombre Lips
"You really really can't do a great lip without two [colors]," Oprah has said. Whether you want to blend colors from dark to light or go simpler with a stained look (try with a bright hue dabbed in the center of lips and delicately blended outward), the two-toned approach adds dimension to your pout.

6. Strobing
Consider strobing contouring's fresh, angelic cousin. Where contouring adds definition and shape to specific areas (i.e., cheekbones, nose) using dark and light shades, strobing focuses on highlighting to add an all-over dewy glow to the face and body, a top trend on the fall and spring runways.


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