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Fabulous '50s
No one embodies classic '50s chic quite like Audrey Hepburn. It's go-for-broke beauty with dramatically upswept hair, matching lips and nails in candy apple red and heavy-duty eyeliner.

Dress, St. John, $1,395; 212-755-5252. Earrings, Dani by Daniel K, $1,050; Moray's Jewelry, 305-374-0739. Watch, Tiffany & Co., $14,000; Tiffany.com. Bracelet, Chanel Fine Jewelry, $118,000; 800-550-0005. Ring, Mastoloni, $15,400; 800-347-3275. Hairpins, $100 to $115 each; ThomasLaine.com.