Photo: Peter Rosa/ Studio D

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Problem: Puffiness

If you have a bulgy situation in your under-eye area, one culprit could be lack of sleep, which may increase your level of the stress hormone cortisol and contribute to fluid retention, says Gohara. The other biggie: when fat pads in the area protrude (genetics and natural aging are to blame). Let's send those bags packing...

Makeup trick: Before you reach for concealer, do some prep work. "A cool compress and a gentle massage with your fingertips can help reduce swelling," says makeup artist Pati Dubroff. Follow up with a brightening click-pen concealer like IT Cosmetics Perfect Lighting Radiant Touch Magic Wand ($29;, drawing a half-moon shape under the puffy area (twist the pen just once per eye so you don't smear on too much product). "By illuminating the skin just below, you can make bags appear flat," Dubroff adds.

Skincare Fix: Gohara suggests a product that combines a cool- touch massaging applicator with caffeine, which helps constrict blood vessels to reduce swelling. One to try: Lancôme Énergie de Vie The Illuminating & Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel ($39;