More than half of O readers (56%) have suffered in silence after a bad cut. Speak up! The next time you have doubts about what a stylist is doing, say, "Could you hold on a second? I'm not sure this is what we discussed." And when you go to the salon, follow this advice from hairstylist Lisa Chiccine:

1.Don't style your hair the day of your appointment, so your stylist can assess your natural texture. To be sure you'll be able to re-create the look at home, discuss how much time you're willing to dedicate each morning and what styling products and tools you'll need.

2.Bring photos of your dream look—and what you don't want. A picture of styles you'd like to avoid can be just as helpful.

3.Ask the stylist to show you exactly what she intends to do. "She should be able to give you a sense of the end result by holding your hair at different lengths," says Chiccine.

What's the unkindest cut you've ever had? Do you sometimes play bathroom beauty school? In an poll, we asked you to share your hairstyling (mis)adventures. Here's what you told us:

60% have had at least one disastrous haircut. One reader wrote: "As a model for a friend in hairstyling school, I asked for something avant-garde and experimental. I got it; it looked like hell. My manager at work complained and told me to fix it!"

Nearly 70% of you have cut your own hair. You must have skills: Almost half were happy with the result.

Biggest Regrets
Layers: 34%, Pixie: 25%, Bangs: 11%, Perm: 7%, Bowl cut: 2%, Other: 21% (bob, not short enough, straightening)

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