1. You're Always Putting It Up
Ponytails and buns can be great, but if every day you find yourself hiding your hair rather than showing it off, hairstylist Brian Magallones says something's up (pun intended). Getting a fresh cut will revive your style, giving you the option to wear it up or down.

2. It's Only Shiny on Top
Stacy Pitt, owner of StylesOnB in New York City, says if you notice your hair doesn't appear as lustrous from mid-shaft to the ends as it does on the top, that's a definite sign that the lower portion of your strands needs to go.

3. Your Ends Dry Faster Than the Rest of Your Hair
When you notice that the ends of your hair are nearly dry within moments of stepping out of the shower, schedule a cut, says Pitt. Damaged hair cuticles are often more porous, so they dry more quickly.

4. It's Hard to Comb
When no amount of leave-in conditioner is detangling those knots, and even your widest tooth comb can't get all the way through your hair? A haircut is calling your name, says San Francisco hairstylist Whitney Warfield. The causes of knots are many: you may be towel-drying your hair too roughly, or not conditioning it enough—but when the knots are still just not coming out, a cut is your best solution.

5. It Can't Hold a Curl Like It Used To
Whether your hair is naturally curly or you use rollers or a wand to give it waves, there may come a day when it looks limp and no longer curls like it once did. Warfield says a cut can help to restore natural bounce, and also remove any damaged ends that are weighing your hair down and preventing it from holding a curl.


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