summer hairstyles august 2016 side braid

Photograph: Peter Rosa; Hair Styling Products: Courtesy of Companies

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Full Plait
A side braid may look tricky, says DJ, but this style is as quick as one, two, three! (Okay—one, two, three, four.)

1. Thicken damp shoulder-length (or longer) hair with volumizing spray all over to bring out waves or just add texture.

2. If you have natural waves, encourage them with a rough blow-dry. If your hair is fine and straight, use a wide-barrel curling iron on dry hair to make waves, which will give the braid more texture and make it look thicker, heavier, and more substantial.

3. Create a side part. Then grab hair lightly and pull it to the opposite side of the part. Divide the hair into three sections. Start braiding just above the shoulder, so that hair is loose from the jaw to the shoulder. Secure braid at the bottom with a clear elastic or a small jeweled bobby pin tucked into the tail.

4. Flatten the braid by very gently tugging at the sides to make it wider and fuller.

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