1. You've got too much volume, part 1. Very styled, big hair is a thing of the past. Too much volume—especially in a traditional blunt or wedge cut (think Julianna Margulies in her ER days)—overwhelms your face. You need a few pieces of different lengths to break up the mass.

2. You've got too much volume, part 2. Hair that's too heavy at the bottom can drag down your features; a few layers toward the crown can take some of the weight off and draw attention away from vertical lines.

3. You've got too little movement. Hair that's sprayed or gelled in place—or that is cut in such a way that it has no swing or doesn't encourage you to move your hands through it—makes you look as if your style, too, is frozen in place.

4. You've got heavy bangs. Again, softer is more flattering, more youthful.

5. You love your flat iron. Straight hair is great. Super-straight flat-ironed hair can look severe.

6. You're doing chunky highlights, which can make you look as if you're holding onto the '90s. Also, if your color has no variation, that never looks real; and if you chose a color that's too dark, it washes out your complexion.


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