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The Seamless Bra

The seamless bra is the most essential one in any collection. It's simple and versatile—and it is the one you will wear most.

Structure and Style: The seamless bra has smooth, preformed round cups and is sold only with an underwire. These bras are available with a contoured style, which offers a bit more coverage, or with a plunging décolletage. A good option for women with a fuller bust is the seamless bra designed with elastane fabric on both sides of the cup. The fabric covering the inside of the cup is the same as that on the outside of the bra. The second lining will provide additional support, and together the lining and the cup ensure your nipples will never show through.

Benefits and Beauty: This bra does its job without adding any fullness to the breasts, thereby creating a more natural appearance. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, seamless bras with great fit are available up to a size H cup.

Buying It: This bra is the workhorse of every intimates collection, and you will rely on it for its versatility. When shopping for it, bring along a favorite T-shirt and blouse to make sure it fits just right.

Wearing It: Seamless bras look great where you want a very smooth look, such as under T-shirts, thinner and fitted tops and blouses, and lightly woven knits.