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There's An App for That: The Future is Here

Apps give us the technology to monitor and take better care of our bodies, including our largest organ, the skin, says cosmetic chemist Yulia Park, PhD, senior research scientist at the Amway Corporation. These two—one a guide to greener products, the other offering skin analysis and custom product recommendations—are taking skincare to the next level.

Think Dirty
Prompted by a family history of cancer, founder Lily Tse began researching the environmental impact cosmetics can have on health, and Think Dirty was born. Download the app, and next time you're strolling through the beauty aisle and find a mascara or a face wash with unpronounceable ingredients, scan the bar code. You'll get easy-to-understand product information; a rating from 0 to 10, with 10 being the "dirtiest" in terms of toxicity; potential harmful side effects; and any greener alternatives.
Available for free download from the App Store

The latest from the creators of—a skincare advice website founded by a biophysicist, a plastic surgeon, and two Harvard Business School classmates—is Oku, an iPhone-connected device that sees below the skin's surface and analyzes it using a proprietary light technology. Place Oku on your skin to scan it, answer a few questions about your lifestyle and diet, and you'll get a custom profile along with nutrition suggestions. After seven days of scanning, you'll receive personalized product recommendations based on evaluations of what worked for people with skin similar to yours.
$250 for device (preorder price until October 15) at; app available from the App Store