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1. Start with a Good Foundation
I cannot say this enough! Ill-fitting undergarments can sabotage your entire outfit, so build from the inside out. You can never go wrong with a T-shirt bra with smooth cups that don't cause lumps or bumps under thin fabric. For an all-over sleek look under dresses, try an all-in-one shapewear piece.

$58 each;

Tip: Look for a bra with a wide band and a side panel. This lace isn't just pretty, it's smoothing too!
Wear your size

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2. Wear Your Actual Size
Don't be swayed by the number on the tag: there is no universal sizing method. And remember, no one sees that number except for you—but everyone can see when your clothes are too tight.
Easily conceal midsection

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3. Easily Conceal Midsection
You might think a big, boxy shirt hides what's underneath—but it will actually just make you look bigger. Instead, try a top that fits in the shoulders and is slightly shaped through the bust with a bit of fluidity or strategic draping.

Tip: Features a detachable lace-trimmed control liner!

Befriend your tailor

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4. Befriend Your Tailor
Just about everything—whether it comes from Target or Bergdorf—is better with a nip and a tuck. As little as a half inch here and there can make a big difference in how flattering a garment is.
NYDJ Jeans

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5. Take the Time to Find the Right Pair of Jeans
Denim is an integral part of every woman's wardrobe. Not sure where to start? Try the neck test: Hold a zipped-up pair by the waistband (one end in each hand) and gently wrap the band around your neck. If the two ends come together comfortably, that pair should fit around your waist. Once the jeans are on, do a squat test to make sure you can move in them. When you find a style that fits, buy two pairs and hem one to wear with flats.

NYDJ's signature slimming technology features a patented crisscross panel design to tuck and trim the tummy in front while lifting and contouring curves in the back.

Plus Size Blouse

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6. Plus-Size? Play Up Your Shape!
Fitted clothes are more slenderizing than baggy styles. Don't shy away from waist-cinching pieces, and if you're wearing a loose top, pair it with a slimmer bottom—it's all about balance.

Chico's pants

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7. Shop for Your Largest Part First
If you have bigger hips, start there when you're looking for pants. You can always take in the waist! And look for a ponte fabric; it's the most forgiving.

  • Faux vertical pockets are smoothing and slimming.
  • A high waist lengthens legs, while a low waist lengthens the torso.
  • Check the rise (the distance between the crotch and the waistband). Make sure it's not riding up or drooping
  • A slim, slightly tapered leg is flattering on most women.

  • Available in regular, petite, and tall, $79 each;

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    8. Get Leggy With It
    A pump that matches your skin tone extends the leg line from the tip of your toes upward and can make you look almost three inches taller.

    Try suede for fall!
    Top: Ivanka Trump, $135;
    Bottom: SJP, $350;

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    9. Use A Blazer to Add Shape or Streamline Curves
    1. One-button styles create an hourglass silhouette—perfect for small-busted ladies.
    Lauren Ralph Lauren, $198;

    2. Two-button styles draw the eye up and in, visually minimizing a larger chest.
    shoe inserts

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    10. Consider Insoles
    The ball of your foot should fit comfortably in the widest part of a shoe—if you have a little room, try insoles. This pair prevents forefoot pressure by ever so slightly adjusting the pitch and position of the foot to shift weight to the heel and stop feet from slipping forward.

    Tip: Your feet swell throughout the day, so shoe shop in the P.M., when they are at their largest.

    A-line skirt

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    11. Try An A-Line Skirt
    It's like the bootcut jean of skirts—it looks good on absolutely everyone. This season, the '60s-inspired shorter style is the one to try. It comes just above or to the knee and works well with tights.

    Novis, $475;

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    12. Illusion Dressing Is Key
    Ruching can conceal trouble spots, while strategically placed panels can create curves. If you need a little extra support, look for dresses with built-in power mesh or a shapewear panel.

    Tip: A little stretch goes a long way; between 3 and 5 percent Lycra is best for holding the shape of the garment.

    Rafaella, $86;

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    13. Choose the Right Frame
    "People with a round face should try a square frame to add texture and balance," says optometrist Mark Jacquot, LensCrafters clinical director. "The opposite is true for square-shaped faces—round or oval frames look best." Luckily, some frames are universally flattering. "A subtle cat-eye shape is a good choice for most because it will lift the face, giving it a more youthful appearance," he adds.

    Prada, $300;