'Oprah's Big Give' contestant Sheg at the Murphy home

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Sheg's assignment is to report to work at the home of John and Jeanette Murphy, a couple that has been together for 31 years and is raising 28 children—four biological kids and 24 who they adopted. "We got this bright idea that we should just adopt a special needs child, and then we thought we'd adopt another, and then they just kept on coming," Jeanette says.

They tell Sheg that raising 28 children is a real challenge. The biggest concern they face is financial hardship—they spend $1,500 a month on food alone. To help out, Sheg decides to clean out their garage.

As an added surprise, Sheg throws a Hawaiian luau for the kids and spends $500 on decorations and Chinese food for the celebration. Although everyone has a great time and the mood is festive, Jeanette is a little surprised by what was spent on the party. "John and I have never spent that much on going out to eat. We are very careful with our money," she says. "This is a great occasion for them—I just wish it hadn't been as expensive. We could have spent that $500 just for the kids, but it would be more than one day of enjoyment."