'Oprah's Big Give' contestant Brandi presents Heaven's Grocery with food supplies.

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Brandi reports for duty at Heaven's Grocery Store Ministry, a food bank that has hit rock bottom. They have no food left, and for the past several weeks they have had to turn away families in need. Brandi's goal is to get some local businesses to support the organization and provide a hot meal for everyone who needs one.

Brandi heads to a local grocery store that offers to donate some food, but it's nowhere near the amount she needs. She decides to spend some of her challenge money to purchase nonperishable items for Heaven's Grocery Store.

By that evening, all the food is ready, and Brandi has a hot meal for everyone.

"It's like being on the edge of a cliff and falling off and then all of a sudden something just reaches out and catches you," says Al, who runs the organization. "We were penniless, and Brandi gave us hope for tomorrow."