'Oprah's Big Give' contestant Stephen talks with Atlantis.

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After spending the day working at Zoo Atlanta, Stephen volunteers at the Atlanta Union Mission, where he makes a cash donation of $1,000, serves food and washes dishes.

Stephen's dishwashing partner is Atlantis, who tells Stephen about his life, which included time in the military and a drug addiction. He tells Stephen he has been clean for seven months.

"No matter what you're going through, there's always somebody out there going through something a little bit harder," Atlantis says. "So whatever you're going through, just count it as a blessing. You can learn from every single thing." Atlantis thanks Stephen for letting him tell his story.

"When we first started Oprah's Big Give, I thought that the only difference you can make is when you give lots and lots of money," Stephen says. "But the biggest give anybody can do is give of themselves."