Joe and Gavin Maloof give away $30,000.

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As Big Give viewers witnessed, giving away money isn't so easy. The Maloof brothers handed out $100,000 to seven contestants, but after 24 hours of nonstop giving, there was still a lot of money left over. So Joe and Gavin Maloof decided to spread that extra cash around Miami.

First, they opened $5,000 bank accounts in the names of 20 babies in the hospital who had medical complications. "When they're 18, they'll have a nice savings account for their college education," Joe says.

But that still leaves about $30,000. "We thought, 'Well, why don't we just give it to the audience?'" Joe says.

That comes out to $100 for each audience member! "You can spend it on yourself," Oprah says. "But you'll feel better if you share it with somebody else."

Special thanks to all those who helped during this episode of Oprah's Big Give