Ralph White's family

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One reason Eric is so upset about not being able to pay for police officer Ralph White's funeral is because he was so touched by his story.

In 1944, Ralph and four other African-American cadets changed history when they were sworn in as Miami's first black police officers. They had to take their oaths outside because black people were not allowed inside police headquarters. After receiving their badges, these brave pioneers patrolled the streets on bicycles and were not allowed to arrest white suspects.

Despite the injustices he endured, Ralph served his community proudly and honorably for more than 30 years. He lived to be 90 years old.

The Maloof brothers, who started Episode 4 with their $100,000 challenge, were also moved by Ralph's story. In fact, they are so inspired they decide to help his surviving family—wife Josephine, daughter Avis and son Shali—by reimbursing the $20,000 cost of the funeral!