Eric discusses getting sent home.

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The Episode 4 challenge was hugely frustrating for Eric. "[When] somebody gives you $100,000 and you have 24 hours to get rid of it, you want to make the biggest impact possible," he says. "That's a huge responsibility. You want to do the best job you possibly can."

Tony says Eric's elimination came down to some really bad luck. One of Eric's ideas was to find a creative way to use gift cards, which didn't work the way he'd hoped. "My idea was to unite the community—the fire department, the police department, people that live there," he says. "The fire department was going to go out in the neighborhood and pass out the gift cards."

More disappointing was his failed plan to pay for police officer Ralph White's funeral. "To this day, that absolutely destroyed me that I couldn't do that," he says.

Despite being sent home, Eric says he hopes Oprah's Big Give accomplishes its goals. "It literally re-emphasized the fact that there are so many people out there in need, but there are so many people out there that want to help. They want to get involved, and they just don't know how," he says. "Shows like this will inspire people to give back."