Kim discusses getting sent home.

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Oprah's Big Give judge Tony Gonzalez says he and his fellow judges had a difficult time this round. "Especially since you had to get rid of two of them," he says. "It was unfortunate."

The primary reason for Kim's elimination was because she couldn't give much after she got lost driving…again. "If I had known I'd have to drive at all, I might not have auditioned. I'm a terrible driver, and I'm not good with directions," she says. "I wish I could have hired a chauffeur!"

Kim says she didn't get a GPS unit for her car because she felt like it was outside of the rules of the game. "Part of the challenge was to find your way around in a city you didn't know," she says. "For me, it was like facing a demon, and I survived that. I feel pretty good about it even though I didn't give as much as I would have liked."

After her time as a Big Giver, Kim says she's no longer the thoughtless, self-centered person she once was. "My life has been changed forever. Now I don't worry as much about what to wear. I worry more about living in the moment," she says. "I'm volunteering, and I've really gotten involved. My new favorite hobby is spending time with children and mentoring."