Duuu nuh. Duuu nuh. Dunuh.Dunuh.Dunuh. Okay, so John Williams' classic movie score for Jaws isn't as scary in print as in stereo, but you get the idea. This epic fish tale is the film that made Steven Spielberg a household name. Pay homage to a master by inviting your friends over for a sea-inspired soirée—just maybe not during swimming season.

  • Turn your home into a seascape by decorating with shells, beach towels—anything that reminds you of a summer in the sand.
  • For birthday parties, people often decorate mailboxes with balloons; for this get-together, create a life-size shark fin out of cardboard for the front lawn. Live in an apartment? Try sticking it on your windowsill.
  • Instead of beer and soft drinks, serve your favorite summer-inspired frozen drinks, complete with little beach umbrellas. A frozen Bloody Mary seems fitting.
  • Guests might not have an appetite after watching the Islanders get eaten for lunch. If they do, serve something even the big fish would approve of—sushi!
  • Did you know that the novel Jaws by Peter Benchley has a different ending than the movie? Give your friends a copy of the book as a gift. 
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