Best Guilty Pleasure
Spending hours scrolling through baking blogs. I like reading about people's journeys to master a recipe. It feels like a small victory in the world.

Best Childhood Memories
Taking weird family road trips. We would drive from Portland, Maine, to Florida to see my grandparents and along the way stop at places like Luray Caverns in Virginia, where stalagmites were turned into pipes for an organ. I thought that was the coolest thing.

Best Wardrobe Staple
A man's hat, because I have a big head and hate doing my hair. I prefer wide brims that aren't too small or too large—a happy medium between a fedora and Faye Dunaway–size.

Best Way to Tame Nerves
I picture a room of calming black-and-white paintings by abstract artist Agnes Martin that I once saw at the Dia:Beacon museum in New York. I took a mental photo so I could return to that place.

Best Relationship Advice
If you tell a guy you don't like being tickled and he tickles you anyway, that's a red flag.

Best Collection
"The rocks and gems I gathered as a kid. I even had a little rock polisher!"


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