The minute Marty McFly hit 88 mph and traveled back in time, he knew he was in for the adventure of a lifetime. Sure, his mom ended up having a crush on him. And, sure, he accidentally screwed up Doc Brown's beloved time-space continuum. But, wasn't it all worth it? 

Back the Future takes place in two years, 1985 and 1955. Pick which time period you like best, and plan your party around it! Here are ideas for each...

  • Parachute pants, leg warmers, Jelly shoes—there's nothing like the wardrobe of the '80s to set the mood. Have your friends dress up in their favorite retro gear, and don't forget extra batteries for your camera.
  • In 1985, Marty's dad, George, loves to snack on peanut brittle. Make sure to have a bowl or two near the TV. The McFly family also serves a cake for "jailbird Joey"—Marty's uncle who's in the clink. Create your own "get out of jail" sheet cake complete with Lorraine's decorations: a black bird flying out of a cell door made with icing.
  • Marty's drink of choice was Diet Pepsi or Tab. Have some chilled and ready to go. His mom likes the harder stuff — vodka.
  • What's an '80s party with out classic tunes? No Back to the Future shindig would be complete without the songs "Power of Love" and "Back in Time" by Huey Lewis and the News. Might as well throw in a good hair band or two to really do the '80s proud.
  • For a '50s-themed party, forgo the parachute pants for swing or pencil skirts—or anything with polka dots. For the men, button-up bowling shirts will do the trick.
  • Marty's first meal after traveling back in time is meatloaf and mashed potatoes with his mother and grandparents. Make individual mini-meatloaves for your friends. A muffin tin makes the perfect mold. For dessert, keep the molded food theme going with, what else? Jell-O!
  • There's nothing like music to really set the scene for any party. Create your own mix of popular '50s songs, including "Earth Angel," "Johnny B. Goode," "Mr. Sandman" and "The Ballad of Davy Crockett," all of which are featured in the film.
  • Clocks pay a crucial role in the movie —in fact, the entire opening sequence shows credits rolling over a huge wall of timekeepers in Doc Brown's lab. As a party gift, give each guest a funky clock of their own. 
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