Who says a night with friends has to be an elaborate evening on the town or an extravagant and expensive dinner party. Sometimes simple is best. Nothing is more relaxing—and fun!—than snuggling up in comfy clothes and enjoying a great movie at home. So, why not make a party out of it? Turning your favorite film into a night to remember takes more creativity than cash. Start by picking a movie you know your friends will love, then ask yourself these questions:
  • Where does the film take place? Some of your best decorating and food ideas can come from the location of the film. A great example is An American in Paris, which features an entire culture that can be used for inspiration. Try decorating your space with pictures of Paris you find on the Internet. For snacks, you could serve crepes, wine and fondue. Or, ham it up with dishes like French toast, french fries, French bread...the sky's the limit!
  • What kind of music is used in the film? In most cases, the soundtrack of the film will be available for purchase, but you might already have what you need in your own collection. For a film like The Godfather, try Dean Martin or Jerry Vale. For Footloose, grab your best Kenny Loggins and Foreigner (you know you have some).
  • What makes the movie memorable? Who is James Bond without his martini? Or, Dorothy without her ruby slippers? And, how about Fried Green Tomatoes without, well, fried green tomatoes? Incorporating iconic movie items in your party can be done literally—martini, anyone?—or figuratively. Not everyone is going to be able to find ruby slippers, but you could find cool napkins to represent the warm red of the shoes.
Still not sure where to start? Try our suggestions for... 

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
Back to the Future
When Harry Met Sally

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