Jamie Oliver wants to change the way this country eats—and he's starting in the most overweight city in America. Watch how Jamie's changing minds and saving lives on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC.

Read a Q&A from Jamie about Episode 5 of his fight to eat right.
Q: It took a long time for you to win the town over. Does this make you think it will be difficult to roll out your campaign in the States?

A: I think it will be hard. Unfortunately, there are lots of people scattered among the food and farming industries that are pushing and protecting outdated beliefs even though they know they are damaging the kids. They don't want a food revolution. Obesity is big business, and I don't think I've even scraped the tip of the iceberg. I haven't even started to get the big guys pissed off as yet. All I've done so far is tell a very intimate story about a lovely town. If America really is touched by this show, and if they really do want better for themselves and for their kids, then we're going to see some chaos happening in the next three to six months and for a few years after that until things change for the better. I don't think it's going to take that much to get the things we want to happen. We don't want to ban french fries or burgers; we just want our kids to eat less of them and to eat real food in schools and to see people who understand food organizing the meals for our kids. We want the people involved to really care, and to get that, we'll have to shake things up. There's no other way.


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