Q: How shocked were you to find out that a french fry is considered part of the five-a-day vegetable allowance for a school meal?

A: It's outrageous. If the government is going to be responsible for feeding kids breakfast and lunch every day, they are at school in this current climate of awful, terrible health that's literally killing America, you'd think the nutritional guideline standards (i.e., what the government believes is responsible for school cooks to feed your child) would be based on common sense. But today, french fries are considered a vegetable. Yes, a potato is a vegetable, but by the time it has been chipped up and deep-fried, I don't think you can really say it's a healthy vegetable, especially when kids aren't getting enough salad and greens. It just means the food provider can tick a box and say they've served a portion of vegetables. Don't get me wrong: I love a good french fry, but when they are available on a daily basis and the kids can choose them over other vegetables, it's a problem. I am much more interested in changing that to once a week. It's just madness really.

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