Justin Timberlake and Gayle King Givenchy Play

Timberlake and King:A. Davis/Givenchy:Tom Munro

I Love a Man Who Loves His Mama
Which is one of the many reasons I'm crazy about Justin Timberlake. When I recently chatted with the singer and actor—he's also the face of Givenchy's latest fragrance for men, Play Sport—it was so special to hear him adoringly describe his mom, Lynn, as a regular Southern steel magnolia. He says she's the reason he's attracted to women who are confident and grounded. Go, Mom!
Norah jones

Photo: Courtesy of EMI/BLue Note Records

It's Been Ten Years...
Since Norah Jones released her debut album, Come Away with Me—and her voice is just as enchanting as ever. I love the sad, beautiful cut "She's 22" from Little Broken Hearts, her new album: She's 22, and she's lovin' you, and you'll never know how it makes me blue, does it make you happy?
Most Talkative by Andy Cohen

Photo: Courtesy of Henry Holt

I Once Heard...
That your personality is formed by the time you're 5 years old. That certainly appears to be the case with Bravo executive Andy Cohen, the man behind Top Chef and the Real Housewives franchise. In his new book, Most Talkative, he writes that he knew three things from an early age: He was gay, he loved television, and he couldn't stop talking. I cracked up reading about the time his aunt Judy dumped a pitcher of iced tea over his head during a road trip to shut him up!
Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Photo: Courtesy of Joan's on Third

Who Knew You Could Improve on a Grilled Cheese Sandwich?
I salute the gourmet food shop Joan's on Third in Los Angeles for their inventive use of—wait for it—raisin bread with heavenly melted goat cheese and fig preserves. To steal a line from my friend Tyler Perry, halla-loo-yer!
Trina Turk Tote

Photo: Courtesy of Trina Turk

I've Found My Summer Tote
Yellow's my favorite color, orange is my second, and I love a pretty plaid. This Trina Turk beach bag is roomy enough to hold all my books, the week's worth of newspapers I tend to haul around, and a pair of clogs for when my high heels leave me feeling crippled.
Majora Carter

Photo: Getty Images

"Not Now Doesn't Mean Not Ever."
When environmentalist Majora Carter lost a local election, her mentor gave her this bit of encouragement, which she shared at a luncheon I attended.

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