Hi to all of you lovely people on Oprah.com!

I want to send a big shout out to all of you guys here on Oprah's site. Thank you for supporting the Food Revolution. You are amazing! With your help, we now have nearly a half-million signatures on my petition. WOW! That's an incredible number. It shows how many of you believe it's time to change things. I've been contacted by people all over America who have watched my TV show and are worried about their kids' diet and
health. You are telling me that you want to get out there and do something! If you want to start your own Food Revolution, here are three things you can do now:

1. Sign the petition. If you've already signed it, get two more people to sign. Do it now. Don't leave your computer till you've called your mom, your partner, your best friend and made them sign. Be a pain like me, because if you believe, like I do, that this is one of the most important issues of our time, and one of the serious problems in America, we need people to be shouting out for things to get better. This petition is America's voice for change.

Already signed? Here's what you can do to help us reach 1 million signatures! Watch

2. Cook something. From scratch. With raw ingredients. Have fun, make mistakes and enjoy real food. Check out these simple toolkits on the revolution website to get you started.

3. Have lunch at your child's school. Find out what the quality of food is like, ask what is prepared fresh in the kitchen and what comes in preprocessed. If you think it could be better, start talking to people about making changes. Find out more here.

Big thanks and love to Oprah and her team for supporting the Food Revolution. It's incredible to have her on side. I can't wait to take this campaign to the next level.

Jamie O xx

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