KF: Are you always working on a new song? What's your writing process like?

CB: I personally don't write all the time. I may if an idea pops in my head, I'll jot it down and keep it in a notebook, but I feel like that's a good way to dry up your well. I go into periods where I know I'm going to start writing, and at that point, its like turning on a faucet. I've got to keep putting glasses under there because it just won't stop coming out. I know when the faucet dries up, it's time to look again at the songs, start thinking about arrangements. But, whenever I decide to start writing, which it is now, the ideas are coming at me so quickly I really have to be diligent in getting it down on paper and making notes about the music and so on. Then, at some point, it's just, "Okay, I don't have anything new to say, so let's see what we have." Then it's like a jigsaw puzzle with too many pieces.

KF: Are you working on an album? If so, when will it be released?

CB: We have a few songs written that we're going to record in May. I have no idea when those will come out. There's one song that's out right now. ... The name of the album was We Are Enterprise and the name of the song is "Someday."

James Stroud produced this benefit album for a town [in Alabama] that was completely destroyed by a tornado, and so James got a bunch of artists he wanted to each contribute a song. To me, it was one of my best compositions ever, and for anyone who, like me, struggles with their faith and often asks the question, "Why is there so much suffering?" this song really, really speaks to that. There's an orchestra backing the choir on there. It's a real soulful sort of country, not gospel because it's not in that style, but it has all the voices and the strings. That's available on iTunes.

KF: What have you learned since the birth of your daughter in 2001?

CB: You know, the life that she is growing up in is so different than mine was or [my wife] Lisa's. Forget about the fact that we're celebrities, making records, making music, doing shows, making movies and all that. Just the world is so different now. The teaching is so different, the way they learn things.... You really realize just how important someone else can be when you're no longer the star of your own life. She is the star of our lives now and the center of it all.


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