He's a singer, a record producer, an occasional actor and a one-time Celebrity Apprentice, but at his core, country music legend Clint Black is a songwriter. Since his debut album was released in 1989, Clint has written and recorded more than 100 songs and sold more than 20 million albums worldwide.

As his latest film, Flicka 2, the next chapter in a beloved series, hits shelves, Clint returns to his first love—music.

See what inspired this Grammy nominee to wrangle wild horses on the small screen. Plus, what has parenthood taught him and his wife, actress Lisa Hartman Black?
Kari Forsee: What drew you to your character in Flicka 2, Toby?

Clint Black: I liked Toby. I felt like he was a light-hearted character, nothing too heavy to do. I liked the character, but a lot of it had to do with the director, Michael [Damian]. I spoke to him on the phone after I read Toby, and he was just really encouraging. I made sure to let him know that I don't act a lot, and I'm really going to need to rely on you to help me to not embarrass myself, and he turned out to just be so great to work with. I called my agent after I finished filming, and said, "Okay, let's look." I never look for acting jobs; they always just find me.

KF: In the film, you play a ranch hand. Growing up in Katy, Texas, did you have a lot of experience with horses and working on a ranch?

CB: I had some experience, and when I shot the Jack Favor story, Still Holding On, I had a great team of trainers around me who were rodeo cowboys. So I just tried to learn everything from them that I could, and I got a lot of good insight into not just riding but just: "Who are cowboys today? And what are their sensibilities?" Mostly, the cowboys I've been around are like us—they're like musicians. They travel a lot. They travel sometimes in groups. They're always together back in these dressing rooms getting ready for their competitions, and to me, they're just real comfortable people to be around. It's like walking into my group.


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