Quick Fixes for the Kitchen
Make no mistake: an up-to-date kitchen is a major selling point. But it’s possible to make over the space without a huge, costly overhaul.

    1. Brighten things up easily with a fresh coat of wall paint in a white or neutral color.

    2. If cabinets are in good condition, give them a new look by switching out pulls and knobs (and paint them, too, if you’re up to the task).

    3. Consider what looks “dated” and prioritize what’s most necessary (and affordable) to replace, like out-of-style fluorescent lighting fixtures or an old faucet

Bathroom Bliss
Who wouldn’t love a bathroom that doubles as a spa-like escape? Not only will such a space garner major resale rewards, you can enjoy some major R&R in the interim.

    1. Instead of ripping out old porcelain tubs and sinks, pay a professional to reglaze them.

    2. Remove dirty shower grout with a $10 grout-stripping saw and smooth on a new coat. Peel up grimy caulk and lay down a bright, fresh bead in its place. Add a few inspired touches like pillar candles, indoor plants, and accessories made of natural materials like bamboo.

    3. Replace smaller, less expensive items, like the toilet seat and towel bars.

    4. If you’ve got a little extra money in the budget, add a few welcome “extras” like tasteful storage, a “rain” showerhead, or an attractive tub caddy.

Master Plan
It may be the most private and unseen area of the home, but a well-suited master bedroom (and if you’re lucky, master suite) is a must for potential buyers—and your own sweet dreams.

    1. Ditch the outdated bedding and curtains. Explore the home décor departments at your favorite discount retail store or savings club, where you can often score a great deal on name-brand items.

    2. Boost the elegance factor and add character by installing some inexpensive crown molding.

    3. Everyone loves storage! Consider adding built-in organizers to your closet, or check out the variety of portable storage systems available at most major retailers. If you are staging your space to sell, remove unnecessary items from your closet to prevent it from looking too cluttered.

    4. Look for ways to reel ‘em in with a well-suited master bath. Make it more inviting using the same tips from the previous slide.

Look Out
Whether you’re trying to hook a potential buyer or stay on-par with the surrounding neighborhood, “curb appeal” counts.

    1. Pay attention to landscaping. Cut and water the lawn regularly, weed the garden, and keep hedges, small trees, and greenery neat and trimmed.

    2. Something as simple as a front door can make a huge difference! Work with what you already have by giving it a fresh coat of paint and installing a new handle, hinges, and doorknocker.

    3. Power-wash siding, fencing, or decks that are starting to look dull, dirty, or moldy, and re-stain anything made of weathered-looking wood.

    4. Touch up paint around entryway and make sure windows are spotless.

    5. Add some potted flowers to your front steps to make the area look more inviting.
Protect Your Investment

Protect Your Investment
Remodeling and putting your home on the market are both good opportunities to review your homeowners insurance.

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