Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens and claim the lives of about eight teenagers every day.1 Because new drivers are most vulnerable during the first year they are eligible to drive, helping them gain the right experience and assess their safe driving skills is crucial. That's where USAA can help.

Using technology to improve driving habits

To help you and your new driver navigate this milestone, we're offering through Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, Inc. (IMS), the Young Drivers Intelligence product. Using vehicle monitoring technology offered by IMS, this free product provides tools and advice that can help parents educate young and inexperienced drivers and coach safe driving habits.

How it works

We'll provide you with a small GPS device to install on the primary vehicle used by your new driver. When your teen drives, the device transmits key driving factors like:
    - Vehicle speed
    - Acceleration
    - Braking
    - Location
    - Time of day
The results are transmitted wirelessly to a secure website where you and your teen can review the data. They will only be used for you to help your teen develop safe driving habits — not for determining rates or acceptability for auto insurance.

Enroll today for free

For a limited time, USAA will pay for the monitoring device and the first year of service (a $279 value) for qualifying USAA members. to help coach their teens to be safer drivers. click here and other advantages USAA auto insurance has to offer. to learn more about Young Drivers Intelligence and other advantages USAA auto insurance has to offer.


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