Among the many decisions that come with your PCS orders is whether your family will be happier on- or off-base. Each scenario offers its own set of drawbacks and rewards, so consider the best match for your needs with this helpful list of thought-starters

On-post living may be a good fit for your family if...

- You depend on the strength and support of a welcoming community
- You value convenience and proximity to activities and amenities
- You are often alone and have concerns about security
- You are easily overwhelmed by the process of finding a home and moving
- An unexpected move in the near future is a likely possibility
- Your financial situation is not as stable as you’d like

Off-post living may be a good fit for your family if...

- You value privacy and appreciate some distance from military life at times
- You consider short and long commutes a good opportunity to decompress
- You have family or friends in the local area
- You like to be in-control of your housing search, or have very specific ideas of the kind of home and community you’re looking for
- You anticipate being at this location for a stable amount of time
- You have a lot of confidence in your housing allowance and financial situation

Whether you’re ready to make your move or you need to do a little extra budgeting to figure it all out, USAA is here to help. Call 1-800-531-USAA (8722) or click here to get started.


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