Cherish Face Time
After a day of tedious activity, take a cue from Harlow the Weimaraner, who seeks out friends to snuggle with. There can be a calming effect to that face-to-face interaction, research finds, so you don’t want to underestimate the stress-relieving power of a little time with others IRL.

Photo: Olia Saunders/@ps.ny

Stay Present
We all know the struggles of being in the present moment. Cookie the red poodle also knows to keep practicing mindfulness whenever you can. Appreciate the experiences that are right in front of you with no judgments, whether you’re walking in the park or waiting for your food to arrive.

Photo: Mark Steines/@norbertthedog

Be Yourself
Grant yourself the permission to be 100-percent true to you...even if you're 3-pound, 7-inch-tall therapy dog named Norbert who loves giving (tiny) high fives.
Embrace Water
It's hard not to feel peaceful and free when you're near water. Even more so when you’re doing the backstroke...or doggy paddling around the pool like Chompers the Corgi. The repetitive, powerful strokes can ease your body—and mind.
Show Gratitude
Rescue border collie Zain rarely goes a few days without patting Envy on the back for being an awesome pal—just one way to share gratitude with others, which can be a direct line to blissful joy.

Photo: @briannguyen

Find Alone Time
Sometimes all you need to feel tranquility is a little solitude. Rio the Blue Boston Terrier knows this essential truth, squeezing in time to be by herself, to slow down and be still.
Choose Your Own Adventure
An activity that makes your heart spill over with excitement—like running through fields of fresh grass is for Alice, an English Cocker Spaniel—not only gets your body moving, but also expands your appreciation for the beautiful world around you.


Three Words = Deep Tissue Massage
Look into the eyes of Watson the Golden Retriever during a head rubbing, and you'll know exactly why massages are prescribed to reduce anxiety and relieve tension.
Rest Up
Chloe the Chinese Crested dog is quite serious about her naps—and calmer because of it. After visiting the park and working, she makes sure to spend time in her favorite place: bed. After all, there's nothing quite as physically and mentally restorative as sufficient sleep.