cuddling cats

Photo: © Oliver Giel

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First: It is not you, but the cat who determines when she wants to be stroked.
Unambiguous signs may be rubbing your legs, but this can also mean that your cat is hungry or bored or that you should open the door because she doesn't feel like using the cat door. Other signs are rolling on her back and offering her furry tummy. However, be careful! Petting attempts in this place can lead to very painful consequences if your cat tries to show you her cat-and-mouse grip. Scolding is not allowed, since you are guilty for falling for this trick. Another sign may be lying on the table, newspaper, keyboard, or book, and giving a penetrating look. But this can also be a sign of boredom or of simply exercising the motto of a master: I can do it, therefore I am allowed to do it.