wood pallet jewelry holder

Photo: Mindi Carwin, My Love 2 Create

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A Jewelry Holder That Doesn't Hide Your Baubles

Project Time: 3 hours

Key Steps: Glue cut-to-size pallets to the front of a long piece of plywood—making sure no edges of plywood are exposed. All you need to do next is add nails to hang jewelry from and staple a piece of rope to the back so it can hang on a wall. An optional step for those who've dealt with mismatched earrings one too many times: Cut a rectangular piece of hardware cloth and hot glue small square scraps of wood to its corners. Nail these pieces of wood to your desired location on the pallet.

Don't Forget: When choosing which pallets to work with, always look for a "HT" stamp on the wood, which means it has been heat-treated instead of chemically-treated. If you do not see this stamp, you run the risk of exposing yourself to potentially harmful chemicals. Never use boards that smell, look oily, are extra heavy or have too many nails, as they can be harmful—or just too hard to work with—as well.