wood pallet container

Photo: Ananda, A Piece of Rainbow

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A Catchall Storage Container That Beats Plastic Bins

Project Time: 3 hours

Key Steps: As before, cut wood to desired size and pre-drill small holes to prevent cracks in the wood and then nail the crate together. Then print images (you can find a great online selection here) onto a piece of wax paper taped to the top of an 8½-by-11-inch sheet of paper. (Remember to reverse the images on a photo-editing program before you print). To transfer the images onto the wood, wet the surface with a cloth and water and then press down on the wax paper using a soft pad.

Don't Forget: Since wood pallets are often left outdoors or used for shipping (which makes them prone to food contamination and product spillage), you cannot guarantee that they are 100-percent bacteria-free. Before you begin any pallet project, scrub down the wood with soap and water. However, since bacteria can become embedded into the wood, it's best to play it safe and keep them away from anything that could come in contact with your mouth—so don't store fruits or veggies in this.