Framed coffee table books

Photo: ChiChi UbiƱa/Flea Market Fabulous

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The Coffee Table Book That Just Takes Up Space

If you're always moving photography or art books off your coffee table to find a place to rest your cappuccino, it's time to consider throwing them on the wall. No, really. Cut out your favorite pages, frame them and hang them above the sofa or console table in two rows of three, suggests Lara Spencer, Good Morning America co-host and Flea Market Flip star, in her new book, Flea Market Fabulous. Matching tchotchkes—like that bowl of shells, sand dollars or vintage keys—are also ideal for grid-style wall art. Just buy four to six frames, depending on the size of the wall space you need to cover, remove the glass, place a piece of grass-cloth wallpaper in each frame and glue one ex-coffee-table accoutrement to the center of each one.

But Go Ahead and Toss: Any nubby or heavily detailed trinkets, which can become impossible-to-clean dust magnets.