wood pallet coffee table

Photo: The Merrythought

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A Catalog-Worthy Coffee Table That's Easier to Make Than You'd Think

Project Time: 1 day

Key Step: To create the chevron pattern, take a cut-to-size piece of plywood and draw a line directly down the center. Trim down the width of the pallet boards (we suggest 2-2½-inches wide and cut 45-degree angles at each end. Glue and then nail the boards to the plywood. Parts of the pallets will likely hang over the edge of the plywood and these should be cut off to sit flush with the base.

Don't Forget: Stain all the pieces first before building the coffee table. The contrasting wood effect is a great way to accentuate the chevron pattern and can be done by staining the pallets in a varying number of coats.