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Photo: Thomas Kuoh/Studio Revolution

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The Micro Office Every Tiny Apartment Should Have
Here's proof that small interiors can have it all—including a calm, inspiring creative space. In the photo, designers Massie and Ellis have incorporated a compact office into a family-room nook meant for a closet. Follow their lead and throw a desk into a spare closet (no need for a spacious walk-in). A space that's at least 29 to 30 inches high, 36 inches wide and 24 inches deep is ideal, say the designers.

Unhinge the closet doors to create more space. For a desk that perfectly fits the width of the closet, opt for a built-in model built by your local lumber store for a precut or made-to-order slab of wood (this allows you to adjust your desk to your preferred height). Table legs and brackets are available on homeware websites including Etsy, IKEA and/or Rejuvenation. You can make the most of closet space by putting shelves up above. If you can, install an electrical outlet for plugging in your computer and lights; if that's not possible, attach battery-operated LED strips to the underside of the shelves.