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Photo: Courtesy of The Merrythought

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The 10-Minute DIY Project That Keeps Your Bathroom Clutter-Free
Small magnets (or strips of magnetic tape) placed inside the medicine cabinet can corral the items that tend to land on every bathroom surface. First, clean out your junk, throwing away everything you haven't used in a while, from goopy bottles of nail polish to questionable shades of eye shadow. Second, collect any larger or nonmetallic objects in small jars, old candle holders and/or copper tumblers and arrange those on the shelves. Then create crafty magnets, a la The Merrythought, to hold bobby pins, nail clippers, tweezers and lash curlers. Simply cover heavy-duty ceramic magnets with fabric or washi tape. The Merrythought blogger Caitlin McGrath suggests hot-gluing a magnet onto a vintage spool to help keep hairbands off the floor and out of the shower.