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Photo: Killy Scheer

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The Easy Way a Pegboard Can Organize Your Pots
Hang a slab of pegboard that you can easily reach—meaning away from the stove to avoid hard-to-clean grease stains—and hang the cookware you use the most. "Even utilitarian work horses can look great when they're hung well...as in, not too sparsely or densely," says Killy Scheer, the founder of Scheer & Co., who suspends Le Creuset French ovens in her kitchen.

Lay out the cookware on the floor, or on a large table, to help determine what size pegboard you need (pegboards typically come in 2-by-4-feet, 4-by-8-feet and 4-by-4-feet pieces). Secure the wood to the wall using screws and anchors placed every 6 to 8 inches along the perimeter of the wall. Paint the perforated wood the same color as the wall. Scheer recommends high-gloss paint for a clean, wipeable finish. Hang items with pegboard hooks. "I used Diamond Life Gear's 5/8-inch curved hook for pots and pans and the 1.5-inch curved hooks for lids—two on the bottom of the lid, one on the top to stabilize," she says. Adhere small rubber feet, which act as little bumpers for the pot-and-pan edges to land on.