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Photo: Courtesy of Studio Revolution

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The $40 Storage Solution for Your Nonexistent Entryway
Prevent an overflow of shoes near the front door by hanging barely noticeable storage cabinets to house your gym sneakers and work wedges. Jemy Massie and Emily Ellis, the San Francisco-based co-founders of Studio Revolution, used stackable 7-inches-deep IKEA units to declutter a client's narrow hallway. "We mounted six bins, or two sets of three, each at a height of 36 inches, which is the standard counter height," Massie says. The cabinets' skinny ledge offers a place for placing keys, cards and other items to remember to bring with you. To make the most of the limited space, try hanging hooks for purses, a mirror (for last-minute touch-ups) or art—in this case, the designers hung a client's collection of magnets above the shoe cabinets.