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Day at the Beach
You may only be there for a few hours, but your beach day can feel like an island getaway with a few simple adjustments.

Mix up some Caribbean cocktails—alcohol-free for the family, of course. Try Oprah's favorite Pomegranate Daiquiri, and replace the raspberry and cranberry alcohol with juice. Bring the cocktails to the beach in a cooler, but serve them in disposable martini or margarita glasses, and don't forget the paper drink umbrellas!

It's no day at the beach without sandcastles. Before you head into the sun, have each member of the family print out a picture of a castle to use as inspiration. Make it a sand castle contest, or build them just for the fun of it. Make sure to take pictures of your masterpieces!

There's no shopping necessary during your trip to the beach, but that doesn't mean you'll come home empty-handed. Seashells make the perfect souvenir to commemorate your day. Bring clear water bottles and fill them up with shells. It makes a great-looking centerpiece (and keeps the sand contained!) or memento for the kids.


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