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Despite deciding to leave The View, Rosie stayed long enough for one more controversy to emerge.

On the show, Rosie said she was strongly against the war in Iraq, and it had become a frequent topic among the show's co-hosts. Amid one of the many discussions, Rosie commented that the United States could be considered terrorists for its invasion of Iraq. "People felt, including some of our affiliates and sponsors, that she said the troops were terrorists. She never said that," Barbara says.

Barbara says Rosie was upset that people were misinterpreting her comment, and brought the discussion up on The View. "Because Elisabeth is the most conservative and supported George Bush, Rosie said to Elisabeth, 'You should defend me.' Elisabeth said, 'You should defend yourself.' And there came a screaming match like you had never heard on television."

Barbara says she was home during this taping and called the control room to tell them to go to commercial. "Bill's feeling was if they went to commercial, Rosie would walk off stage. It was a terrible day," Barbara says. In fact, the screaming match was so bad that she's never rerun it or let anybody see it again, she says.

After the on-air fight with Elisabeth, Rosie chose not to return to the show to finish out the season.
FROM: Barbara Walters' New Revelations
Published on November 24, 2008


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