1. Bronzer
Usually a golden-brown bronzer lends a healthy glow to the skin. Use a fluffy or Kabuki brush to shade the outside area of the face—from the temple, under the cheekbone and down to the jawline in the shape of the number 3. Start off with as little as possible and build it up carefully, to give a glow.

2. Blush
This brings a flattering rosebud color to the cheeks and draws out the cheekbone. Use a fluffy Kabuki brush again—start with a small amount and build up a little at a time.

Smile to find the apple of your cheek. Gently dab a little color, and sweep it up and down, blending well and moving gradually toward the hairline. This way you won't leave any harsh lines.

3. Highlighter
Highlighter enhances the areas where light would naturally fall, complementing the bone structure.

Highlighter comes in many shades. Generally, a pale-apricot highlighter goes with a bronzed or peach blush, and a pink highlighter complements a pink blush. White or ivory highlighters work with both sets of color. Try them out to see which colors work best with your skin tone.

Use a Kabuki brush to apply the highlighter from the outer eyebrow bone, down along the temple, around and across the top of the cheekbone in a C motion. You can also apply highlighter from the forehead, down along the nose and onto the chin.

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