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Gloria Allred, Amber's attorney and a famed advocate of women and women's rights, thinks that Amber's tapes and testimony turned the trial around.

"Watching the trial and being in the courtroom...[it] felt like a ship going into an iceberg," she says. "The prosecution's case appeared to be weak. I had confidence in it, but a lot of people thought it was weak. But then when Amber testified, when those tape recordings were played, when the jurors realized that he was calling Amber talking about the Eiffel Tower, being in Paris, from the vigil for his missing wife where people were praying for her and searching for her; it seemed that that ship was turned around.

"It changed the climate in the courtroom. And I think people saw Scott for what he was: a real liar. A person who had a cold heart toward his missing wife, Laci, and who appeared to be obsessed with having a relationship with Amber."
FROM: Scott Peterson's Mistress: Amber Frey Reveals Her Story To Oprah
Published on January 05, 2005