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Ronda says she's tried seeking help, including sessions of behavior modification—a therapy in which patients are exposed to triggers and they learn to control their response—but she says she found the treatment too uncomfortable to continue.

Dr. Tara Fields, a licensed marriage and family therapist with expertise in addictive behavior, says that Ronda is choosing to put her secret compulsion before her family.

"I can tell you for sure that this is curable," Dr. Tara says. "Until you make the decision that the pain that you're in and your family is in and your husband is in—and even that little girl inside of you that never got nurtured—can't be any worse than what you'd have to experience by doing some of those [behavior modification] exercises and making a commitment to treatment."

Dr. Tara says Mike is "feeding" Ronda's obsessive compulsive disorder and can help her get better by not facilitating her behavior. "He's absolutely enabled her out of love," Dr. Tara says. "Making excuses [and] protecting her from her fears is really just allowing the behavior to continue."
FROM: The Mom Afraid to Touch Her Own Children
Published on October 19, 2006


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