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Sex Camp Helps Couple
On a revealing Oprah Show about sex, Allison boldly confessed that she "fakes it" 98 percent of the time in bed with her husband, Ernie, so she won't hurt his feelings. After that show, Alison and Ernie were game for some professional help, so we sent them to Miraval Spa's two-day sex camp. There, doctors Lina Holstein and David Taylor teach couples how to reconnect in a crash course on sex. So what clicked for the couple?

Allison: I think opening the lines of communication for us [is the key]. Learning that he really is happy seeing me happy. And I don't need to pretend or cover it up. … We spend a lot of time trying to be a lot more emotionally connected. We have a much more soulful relationship [now].

Ernie: Communication during sex seems to be a big key. Letting her know, giving her reassurance that I don't have a problem doing what I'm doing. I'm enjoying it. So once she understands that, she really seems to open up and enjoy a lot more.

Since coming home from sex camp, Allison and Ernie have installed a lock on their bedroom door so their kids can't just walk right in—after all, practice makes perfect!
FROM: Oprah's Follow-Up Show: Winter 2005
Published on February 01, 2005


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