In the 25-year history of Oprah Show guests, they're the ordinary people that have made an extraordinary impression on Oprah.

One family Oprah couldn't forget was Jim and his children, Daisy and Kris. In September 2007, 11-year-old Daisy and 7-year-old Kris worked with psychotherapist M. Gary Neuman to talk through their feelings about their family's breakup and mother's subsequent absence. During the emotional hour, Oprah held a crying Kris and Daisy expressed her feelings by reading a letter she had written to her mom.

Look back at their story

During that show, Oprah says Gary taught everyone a key lesson about children and divorce. "Let the children know the truth about what is going on," Oprah says. "Because otherwise they interpret it as their fault or something they did or could have done."

It's a lesson Oprah says has stayed with her ever since. "What I learned from Kris and his sister, Daisy, that day broke me wide open on what it means to be a child of divorce," she says. "Those two brave little souls taught me about the untold damage being done to millions of children going through divorce with their parents."


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