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Lisa Marie Presley is lending a helping hand in Memphis, Tennessee. "I'm here," she says, "because I definitely needed to do something, and it just so happens this is where I'm from. I'm going to do everything I can. People need help—this is a huge catastrophe and everyone needs to stand up."

First stop is a food bank, where, with the help of FedEx® and Kroger®, Lisa Marie loads a truck with groceries. Then it's time for a pit stop at Target® for toiletries and clothes. "I thought I was going to grab a couple things at the store," Lisa Marie says, "and I ended up filling up a truck. I went a little crazy."

Lisa Marie's final destination is the Grand Casino Convention Center in Mississippi to distribute the supplies to people who have lost everything. One evacuee says, "I really appreciate everything Ms. Presley is doing for us. We have nothing, so we're very grateful for everything she's doing."
FROM: Oprah on Location from Mississippi
Published on September 07, 2005


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