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Once comedian Chris Rock heard that the Angel Network had donated food to the people who needed it most, he traveled to the Houston Food Bank to make sure the much-needed supplies got into the right hands. Armed with bags of potato chips and fruit cups, Chris packed boxes alongside other volunteers.

"It feels really good to be out here and to be contributing," Chris says. "It's black and white, Mexican and Asian—everybody's out here together—helping to help people. This is incredible."

With a truck full of food, Chris went in search of survivors. He found about 20 families left homeless by the hurricane at Houston's Bonita Street House of Hope.

"Right here at the first stop, there were so many people with so many stories that just wanted to be heard," Chris says. "[They] just wanted to be hugged, just wanted to be listened to."

One little girl with an amazing spirit brought out a more serious side to the famous funnyman. Chris couldn't help but be reminded of his own daughters. "All you got is family," Chris says. "Think you got a house, think you got all this other stuff, but all you got is family."
FROM: Oprah on Location from Mississippi
Published on September 07, 2005