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While Carnie made her struggle with weight loss public knowledge, she hid a destructive secret behind closed doors. Carnie, who says she never drank heavily before the surgery, developed an addiction transfer to alcohol. She says she consumed a bottle of wine and up to 10 martinis a day. She says she was even drunk during her Playboy shoot.

Carnie believes many overweight people have addictive personalities, herself included. She admits she also had an addiction to marijuana before undergoing surgery. "The weight loss surgery didn't cause me to be an alcoholic," Carnie says. "I'm a born addict."

The stress of being known as "the poster child for weight loss surgery" only contributed to her problem. "I didn't want to be a failure," Carnie says. "And that gave me anxiety. And that made me drink."

Carnie soon began waking up every day wondering how she was going to stop drinking. "The drinking progressed more and more and more and more and I found I was getting drunk very fast and I was getting sober very fast," Carnie says. "It was frightening because I saw myself going down a spiral very quickly."
FROM: Suddenly Skinny
Published on October 24, 2006


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